Petrol Price in Pakistan | Fuel Price, Oil Price, Diesel Price in Pakistan

Here on this page, you can check latest Petrol Price in Pakistan along with latest Petroleum prices in Pakistan including Oil Price, Light Speed Diesel, High Speed Diesel, Kerosene Oil prices for today in Pakistan. This page updates Fuel Prices in Pakistan in real time.  You can check latest price of petrol, light speed diesel, high speed diesel & kerosene oil in Pakistan.

Petrol Price in Pakistan | Fuel Price, Oil Price, Diesel Price in Pakistan

PetrolPKR. 95.24/Ltr
HOBCPKR. 114.7/Ltr
High Speed DieselPKR. 112.94/Ltr
Light Speed DieselPKR. 80.91/Ltr
Kerosene OilPKR. 75.37/Ltr
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Who controls Petrol Price in Pakistan

On March 28, 2002, Federal Government of Pakistan established Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). The objective of establishment of OGRA was to regulate Petrol Price in Pakistan. On the same time, regulating Petrol Price in Pakistan is not the only function assigned to OGRA.  The objectives of OGRA include:

  • foster competition
  • increase private investment
  • ownership in the midstream and downstream petroleum industry
  • protect the public interest
  • respecting individual rights
  • provide effective and efficient regulations

How Petrol Price is Determined in Pakistan

Every month OGRA revises Petrol Price in Pakistan . Keeping many factors including the fuel price in international market etc, OGRA suggests new price to the Finance Ministry of Federal Government of Pakistan for consideration. Finance Ministry forwards the summary about new prices to the cabinet of the  Prime Minister. The final authority for determine Petrol Price in Pakistan lays to the Cabinet. Cabinet may or may not accept the suggestions forwarded by OGRA. Cabinet can change suggested Petrol Price in Pakistan

Petrol Price in Pakistan 2018

Crude Oil Price in International Market

Crude oil prices in international market greatly affect fuel prices in Pakistan. As they go higher, fuel prices in Pakistan see a spike. However, this doesn’t apply when price go downward.  We have live counter about Crude Oil Prices. You can note the fluctuations in crude oil price & can compare it with local fuel prices.